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Buyer Agents & Representatives

We give opportunities for professionals who represent their clients with the purchase of real and personal property.

  • If representing a client as a buyer of real property please use our Broker/Realtor/Agent participation form.
  • If representing a client for the purchase of personal property please contact us for details regarding registration.
  • Successfully winning real and personal property at auction is not always an easy task.
  • If you are the winning bidder, we will process an invoice which will give you a detailed print out of the description and any associated fee’s or applicable taxes if any.
  • We accept cash or checks, bank drafts or cashier’s orders, wire transfers and credit cards for the sale of most personal property.
  • We Are Also Able To Coordinate Shipping Services For The Items You Win At Auction Making It Easy To Know You Will Be Able To Receive What You Won At Auction.